The real cost of ransomware is so large that businesses, hospitals and even government organizations can be ruined if they are breached successfully. When ransomware is the cause of a breach, not only is the reputation of the organization at risk, but also the financial viability of the company is at risk as well. Ransomware doesn't just breach your systems and expose your data; it holds your own data hostage and at risk of exposure or deletion if you do not pay the price. Traditionally, large businesses were the primary target of ransomware attacks, but small businesses are becoming a lucrative target for hackers. According to Health IT Security, 71% of ransomware attacks today are targeted at small to medium sized businesses. With some ransomware developers demanding over $9.1 million dollars from just a single affected business. To put the threat of ransomware in clearer context: 75% of companies infected with ransomware had up to date software and security, and only lacked additional protections that would detect and prevent a ransomware attack. According to some sources, ransomware will cost businesses more than $75 billion dollars each year. All of these signs point to a dangerous trend that is small businesses are only becoming a larger target. To combat this trend, small businesses will need proactive prevention and reaction plans in place to mitigate a ransomware assault. Does your business have any active prevention measures or reaction plans in place? If the answer is "no" or "I don't know", get in contact with us today so we can help you prepare for the cyber threats of tomorrow.